“I Use Pl@sma From My Per!od Bløød To Make Face Cream” -Tiwa Savage Reveals The Secret To Her Youthful Skin(Video)

“I Use Pl@sma From My Per!od Bløød To Make Face Cream” -Tiwa Savage Reveals The Secret To Her Youthful Skin

Tiwa Savage, the queen of Afrobeat music in Nigeria, has shared the secret to her youthful appearance and how she maintains the health of her skin.

Tiwa Savage hinted that she adopts a skincare routine and disciplines herself to follow it in an interview with Vogue.

The mother of one, who is 42 years old, claims that she uses her bl00d—possibly her menstru@l bl00d—on her face to give herself an anti-aging appearance.

“I’m going to describe my skincare routine to you.

Face washing; I have to be very gentle because I wear individual eyelashes.

Balancing Toner; I used cocoa butter over my entire body and black soap on my face while I was growing up in Nigeria. My genuine interest in skincare began during lockdown. I started doing research and looking for ways to lighten my pigmentation.

“I follow that with eye cream. I must get this and use it both day and night. Compared to makeup, skincare takes up more of my time. I’ve really stopped using foundation for like a couple of years now”.

“Nothing, not even when I’m on stage performing, not even for picture or video sessions. Additionally, Naomi Campbell informed me about this. She hardly ever, if ever, wears foundation. I stopped taking it because I thought that if it worked for Naomi, it would undoubtedly work for me as well because she is so attractive. You have to adjust to it over time, but that’s when your inner confidence emerges.

My next step is an Obagi serum. This serum is fantastic. To be honest, when I was younger and went from Nigeria to the UK, there weren’t many females of my complexion represented in the beauty industry”.

“In reality, I attempted to bleach my skin. I was using these products that help lose weight, and I recall my mother entering the room one day and discovering them. She was shocked and tried to compliment my skin’s beauty instead.

She was going through a very difficult period because she felt like she had to educate me how to love my skin. But now that darker skin tones are included, it’s so more simpler and better.

Face lotion This face cream holds a very, very special place in my heart. In order to produce this face cream, Dr. Barbara actually draws my bl00d and uses the pl@sma from it.

Only for me. Only for Tiwa”.

“And I typically combine it with sun drops as well, since ladies with skin like mine have another misunderstanding that they don’t need to protect their skin from the sun, even though it is crucial to do so. And I use it every day, whether I’m at home or out and about. I add a Tata Harper Spring Mist to round things out”.

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