Groovey Refuses to kiss Beauty, things get tense – BBNaija(Video)

Day 2: Groovy refuses to kiss Beauty, things get tense – BBNaija

As the Housemates continue to settle into their respectful Houses, conversations are being had and connections are being sparked. Beauty and Groovy in particular seem to be a pair that shares a connection already.

Beauty admitted to liking Groovy, but stated she does not want to cause trouble for him, because she realises that other ladies may be interested in pursuing something with him. Groovy is not complaining – and we’ve spotted some flirting on his side too, but he seems to be treading lightly. Last night at the Kitchen table, he gave Beauty a sip from his cup, then proceeded to rub her back, noting: “You seem to like massages”.

Later, this flirtation hit a bump and turned a bit tense, resulting in hurt feelings and a subsequent apology. It all started when the Level 2 Housemates decided to play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’.


Everything was going swimmingly until Beauty was dared to kiss Groovy, probably because their fellow Housemates are noticing the connection too? Groovy refused the kiss, leaving Beauty feeling slighted. She complained that Groovy was being uptight and left the game. Groovy then followed her to the bedroom and tried to explain why he had declined.


“I feel like it’s a bit too early for this”. He continued to explain his reasoning, but when Beauty didn’t seem to let it go, he told her “If I am out of the picture, would it not be easier for you to do what you’re here to do?”.


Are we seeing the makings of a ship here and will Beauty manage to snag Groovy? Only time will tell, but what we *are* going to do, is keep an eye on these two.


Missed some of the happenings in the Level 2 House? Here’s a look below.

Wet, wet, wet!




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