“She no just want peace” – Reactions as Angel throws Cross under the bus after he mentioned her father (Video)

“She no just want peace” – Reactions as Angel throws Cross under the bus after he mentioned her father.

Netizens drop their two cents on the saga going on between Cross Ike and his one-time love interest, Angel Smith refused to settle for a resolution.

Since the beginning of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition of the Reunion show, the duo had their chances to resolve their differences but always proved futile.


In an episode of the Reunion show, Cross expressed himself in detail with the goal of penetrating Angel’s heart for a resolution.

Angel who was not having any of it confronted the influencer on claims of doing anything for her while singling out gestures Cross made towards her parents.


Watch the video below …

See some reactions from fans below …

Angel no just want peace , it’s seems angel new boyfriend told her, he want to see it’s clearly that she and cross is not in talking terms, cause these thing no even make sense, should he put ring or your finger before you know he has done something.

Cross am soo proud of you ok. You didn’t just do it for her alone but for the entire family too👏👏🙌❤️

If u did it for his dad,then u did it for her

They’re inlove jare! I’m sure they will be fine soon.

These two are in love…. especially my baby Angel….she is falling for HIM …most of people who fight alot there is love hidden between them and they don’t want to acknowledge it…. @theangeljbsmith baby pls grow up Hun…..It’s okay if you and @crossda_boss didn’t work out as lovers nor as friends…You just be fellow x housemate but Not enemies….I know you and Cross will workout soon behind the Camera after putting your EGOS aside….I love You Both😍😍

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