DJ Cuppy Replies Man Who Said He Wants To Have S*X With Her All Night

DJ Cuppy Replies Man Who Said He Wants To Have SxX With Her All Night

Florence Otedola professionally known by her stage name, DJ Cuppy, has reacted after a man left a perverted comment on her post.

The billionnaire heiress had shared a post on there micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

It was a light-hearted post about insomnia which is a disorder that makes it difficult for people to sleep.

According to the billionaire heiress, Insomia turns one into a mathematician as one would lie awake at night calculating the number of hours of sleep they would get when they eventually fall asleep.


She tweeted:

“Insomnia really does sharpen your mathematics because you spend all night calculating how much sleep you’ll get if ‘fall asleep right now.’ 😂🤣 LMAO 💤”

However, a perverted Twitter user reacted to the musician’s post, telling her what he would do to her body if he gets the chance to havese*x with her.

He wrote:

“Cuppy I must say this, imma f*kk the shit ouuta ya if I get you. Watch out”,

However, reacting to this, the billionaire heiress responded with scorn and repulsion at the man’s words.


She replied:

Eyama… Ewww 🤢”

See the tweets below:



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