Man Wears His Wife’s Crop Top after She Refused to Take Off His Clothes, Funny Video Goes Viral

A young married man got tired of appealing to his wife to stop wearing his clothes. He decided to come up with an alternative strategy.

In a hilarious video, the smart man went into the room and came out wearing his wife’s crop top and holding her bag.

His wife on seeing him, asked if that was what he wanted to wear to go out with her and he replied in affirmative.

His method truly worked as his wife changed her mind about going out rocking his cloth. She burst into laughter while informing him that she has cancelled the entire outing.

the stunned wife went ahead to apologize to him saying she would never do it again. The hilarious video was shared on TikTok by @theotlovetrain


TikTok users react to the video

@Plussizeok said:

“If it was me we would go out like that and we have to take cute pictures .”


@Lylynette07 stated:



“No u should have let him go like that . Me I will go he is even the one that will feel embarrassed not me .”


@Bennyoyere remarked:

“Am laughing at my self too, cos I won’t stop wearing my brothers or nephews own but make them no play reach my own oo.”


@Arlenenicholas135 reacted:

“I want a husband just like him beautiful I like him.”


@Riakayvonne said:

“I would scream too!! Chai! he will have to get me a new one coz he’s already spoiled that one.”


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