Klasha Inc has Announced the released Klasha 2.0.

Klasha Inc has Announced the released Klasha 2.0. Days after celebrating its first anniversary, Klasha, Inc, a San Francisco-based African cross-border commerce startup, announced today that it has re-launched KlashaCart (formerly known as the Klasha app) – the company’s app known for frictionless online cross-border transactions, high limit virtual dollar cards and seamless shopping from international stores online using African currencies.

Klasha 2.0 is the latest version of Klasha, which includes new and updated features of the website’s interface, business products including KlashaWire and Payment Links. These updates are flagged under a new brand colour which is warm, bright, and hardly seen in the ecosystem: PINK. Months ago, during one of the brainstorming sessions at Klasha, Jessica Anuna, Klasha’s CEO, and the engineering team birthed PINK Money, the instant P2P money feature on the KlashaCart application (formerly Klasha app) where you can send and receive money quickly to other users on the app, without hidden fees or extra charges. Famed for low transaction fees, lower exchange rates, virtual dollars cards, and the PINK Money feature, KlashaCart is a premium B2C solution that users have maximised and explored thoroughly. Africa’s e-commerce market expands significantly year after year, yet consumers in Africa do not have frictionless access to the e-commerce world. With KlashaCart, users will have all their favourite international stores at their fingertips and have a seamless cross-border shopping experience with delivery to Africa in 7-14 days.


Since its inception in May 2021, Klasha has broken barriers to providing Africans with well-deserved cross-border commerce solutions. This includes partnering with the likes of Primer, Ecwid, Squarespace, Weebly, and others to make selling to the African market frictionless. Jess Anuna, Founder and CEO of Klasha, said: “Given the rising figure of digital buyers in the continent, it is important that consumers in Africa have the same access to the global e-commerce economy experienced in other continents. We built Klasha’s APIs to help more businesses sell into Africa and bridge the commerce gap between Africans and the world with minimal effort.”


With over 1700 merchants signed up, an average growth of 20% MoM, and over 150,000 transactions processed, Klasha’s mission of providing a seamless commerce experience for Africans has continued to power international and local businesses with the solutions they need to expand into Africa.


The technology offering of Klasha includes KlashaCheckout, KlashaWire, Payment Links, and KlashaCart. With the new features and design of Klasha’s solutions, Klasha has reinforced its dedication to simplifying cross-border transactions while connecting the world to Africa and Africa to the world.

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