July 19, 2024

“Saida Boj, I love you, wish you are my daughter”–Nigerian Mother Declared her love for Saidabaj in a trending video.(Video)

“Saida Boj, I love you, wish you are my daughter”–Nigerian Mother Declared her love for Saidabaj in a trending video.

A Nigerian mother sparked discussion on social media as she praised online personality Saida Boj, insisting she’s smart and intelligent, and calling her “my daughter.”

This was revealed in a freshly made video available on a popular social media platform.

In the video, a lady asked her mother if she liked the popular online personality Saida Boj.

Without hesitation, her mother said she likes and loves her, citing her intelligence, sharp wit, and confidence as reasons.

The mother added that she appreciates Saida Boj’s confidence and her ability to “pull down the wall of Jericho.”

She further stated that Saida Boj is “her daughter.”

The mother’s revelation about the online personality Saida Boj attracted the attention of many social media users, who have flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Belygold Empire: “I’m a mother of 22years old and 20years old girls ,I love her like kilode,those blaming will understand in future,she talks sense.”

Prisca Love: “if to say she know saidaboj be she marry, she go marry for Money, wetin be love .”

babygiftlo: “If she turn am into prayer satan will bowomo so sweet❤️.”

Great wire: “who hear say if she turn her insults to prayer satan will baw.”

queen Amanda: “but of a truth saidaboj is a very smart and intelligent girl i so much love her.”

Clifford Sweet: “I swear all my auntie loves saidaboj they said she’s standing for women and I love the facts that she don’t fake she’s always for the truth .”

Cynthia’s choice : “Those that hate saidaboj don’t understand what they are missing she’s too wise abeg ❤️.”

Ferdie1455: “I laugh, well I trust you women shaa fake love is a normal thing for you guys, ur Mom will surely love her but until your brother brings her home as his wife to be then you will see ur real Mom .”

user9186928470897: “The reason most guys don’t like that girl is because she got audacity and they sure can’t stand audacious women.”


Watch the video below;


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