July 19, 2024

“I no care if your husband na president, you must wash the plates”- Regina Daniels’ Mum forced Her to Wash Plates As She Visits Home.(Watch)

“I no care if your husband na president, you must wash the plates”- Regina Daniels’ Mum forced Her to Wash Plates As She Visits Home.

In a delightful twist of familial norms, popular Nollywood actress Regina Daniels found herself thrust into the realm of domestic chores under the watchful eye of her mother, Rita Daniels.

Despite her status as the wife of billionaire businessman and politician, Ned Nwoko, Regina was treated to a dose of humble housework during a visit to her mother’s home.

A video posted on Instagram captured the unexpected moment when Regina, adorned in casual attire, diligently washed a mountain of dishes that had accumulated from serving her entourage.

With a mixture of surprise and good-natured banter, Regina expressed her disbelief at being tasked with such chores, admitting that she couldn’t recall the last time she had engaged in such domestic duties.

As Regina immersed herself in the task at hand, her mother, Rita, could be heard in the background teasing her daughter about her adeptness at rinsing dishes.

The lighthearted exchange between mother and daughter showcased the playful dynamic of their relationship, with Rita unapologetically reminding Regina of her roots and the importance of humility, regardless of celebrity status.

Accompanying the video was a humorous caption penned by Regina herself, in which she playfully pondered whether her mother had forgotten that she was a celebrity.

The tongue-in-cheek remark underscored the juxtaposition between Regina’s glamorous public persona and the down-to-earth reality of her family life.

The video quickly garnered attention on social media, eliciting a flood of reactions from fans who appreciated the authenticity and relatability of Regina’s experience.

Many applauded her humility and praised her mother for instilling valuable lessons about the importance of humility and hard work.

As Regina Daniels continues to navigate the spotlight of fame and fortune, moments like these serve as a reminder of the grounding influence of family and the enduring bond between mother and daughter.

Watch the heartwarming video below and join the laughter as Regina Daniels embraces the unexpected joys of domesticity under her mother’s watchful eye.

See the video below:

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