“Her Mum Doesn’t Want Us to Communicate”: Dad Sneaks to See Daughter at Baby Mama’s House, Hugs Her in Video

“Her Mum Doesn’t Want Us to Communicate”: Dad Sneaks to See Daughter at Baby Mama’s House, Hugs Her in Video

A father has stirred emotions online after proving that he would never let go of his daughter no matter what.

The doting father had sneaked to his baby mama’s house just to see his beautiful daughter

A video shared on Facebook by Rico Freeman showed the moment the duo met each other and hugged tightly.


The kind father also had goodies which he handed to his daughter, including a brand new phone.

His daughter looked so excited as she grabbed her goodies from her father and appreciated him. In his response, he assured her that he would never leave her no matter the challenges they face.


Rico Freeman shared the video on Facebook with the caption:


“Father sneaks to see his daughter because her mother wouldn’t let him. A real man is going to make a way to provide no matter what.”

Mixed reactions as father sneaks to see daughter

Rachel Farmer said:

“We need more men like this in the world and less women that use their children to hurt the father! Idk their story, but if he has to sneak just to see his child then something is wrong with the mother! Just saying!”

Steafan Sailor wrote:


“I know if I tried some mess like that, my baby momma gonna lie to 12 and have me put in jail. I commend you my boy! Salute.”

Reallife Love commented:


“You are great young man I hope when you go to court you will get Justice stay strong can you continue to do what you doing with your baby God bless you.”

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Gloria Boozer wrote:


“This is so sad, the child is being punished, every child needs their father, and it’s a blessing the father is still in his daughter’s life, you’re a good dad!”

Makia Nick added:


“I’m so glad I don’t have to go through that! I Have full custody of my 2 year old and her Mom don’t do anything for her. But I will always have my babys back no matter what!”

Pepper Jimenez wrote:


“I hope legally you fight so you don’t have to go through this BS bro. Praying for you and yours.”



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