Nkechi Blessing Reveals Plainly How Much Asaba Actors Make

Nkechi Blessing Reveals Plainly How Much Asaba Actors Make

A lot has been said and rumored about when it comes to the dealings within Nollywood and how the entertainment industry, especially the movie and TV industry works in terms of compensation for their actors. A lot of people believe that there isn’t a lot of money to be made from acting, and sometimes, these claims are made by people in the industry who are actors, so it is not the kind of claim that is easy to dismiss. Still, as much as people complain, nobody ever really gives concrete numbers in terms of how much they make or how much the industry pays. But now, Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing is pulling the veil behind this and talking about how much Asaba actors, who many people believe are the worst paid actors in the industry, actually make.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the conversation Nkechi Blessing had with the women of Your View on TVC and what she said.

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Nkechi Blessing on TVC’s Your View

Nkechi Blessing was first asked, “What movie are you working on? What are you working on?” to which she said:

I think I’m going to be doing 2 Yoruba movies by the end of October to wrap up the year and then, I’m working on a project. After I leave [this interview], I’m going to Ajah.

“Do you really make money from these movies?”

Yes, I’ve started making money from English movies but not like when I was doing Yoruba movies. Now this is the problem, this is why the call me ‘I talk too much’. Okay, a lot of people say that there is no money in movies, there is a lot of money where you decide to channel your energy. Like the last movie I did in Asaba, I did three movies, and those three movies were N1.5 million. N500,000 a movie. Yes, that’s how much they pay in Asaba. I see people say when Asaba actress buys car, buys house, “is it not just Asaba movie?” Hello?! Those people are cashing out in the East. Seriously! When I’m going back to the East now, like four producers are already asking me when am I coming back? Three, three, three from each movie. Na one one naira na him dey turn to one million oh! You get it? That has been my life. If I want to get a car now, I have to save towards it. I no get godfather one place, I no get sugar daddy anywhere. So the kobo kobo wey I get, I go carry it.

“Do you want to get [a sugar daddy or godfather]?”

I want o! I don’t mind. It doesn’t matter. Abeg oh, I am very single and searching. I have a relationship that is an open relationship for now, not like [he goes out, I go out], ah! No. But haba, this destiny helper that we used to talk about, God will not come down and help you na. Somebody might be watching me now and be like “oh my gad, I like how she talks. Okay, let me help her.” My helper oh, my helper [laughs].

N500,000 a movie is actually not bad AT ALL. Three movies, that is N1.5 million and if a person goes on to act five, six, or seven movies in a year for N500,000, that can get up to as high as N3.5 million. It’s not bad at all. No wonder these Asaba actors are always in like 20-something movies every year.

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