11 Things You Didn’t Know About Latest Mavin Bayanni

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Latest Mavin Bayanni

The latest MAVIN artiste has been activated and his name is Bayanni. Not much is known about the singer seeing as he just recently got activated. So, to shed more light on him, I went digging and I’ve come back with 11 fun facts about the artiste that should make you know him just a little bit more.


Are you ready to see what they are? Then let’s go!

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1. He formerly performed under the stage name Zhenoboy

Bayanni didn’t just magically pop out. Even if he just newly got activated as a MAVIN, the singer has been performing for some time now under the stage name, Zhenoboy.


2. He was rumored to be signed to DMW

Before the announcement that Bayanni is actually signed to MAVIN Records, there were a lot of stories going around about the singer being signed to Davido’s record label DMW.


3. He has been in the studio with Davido

A huge reason why this story of him being signed to Davido’s record label grew legs was because apart from just meeting Bayanni, there was actually footage posted by Davido of Bayanni in the studio with the singer eating food and drinking water. This further added to the speculation that the singer was signed to Davido.


4. He has covered a lot of artistes

Before becoming the artiste that he is now, Bayanni rose to popularity because of his covers of popular songs. The singer has covered a number of songs from Fireboy DML’s “Peru” to Davido’s “Jowo”. He also did covers of “Risky” by Davido, “Blow My Mind” by Davido, did a freestyle on “Put in Pressure” by Reekado Banks, a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”. The boy has been doing this for YEARS. Some of these covers date back to 2016.


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5. He released original music before joining MAVIN

As I said, Bayanni fka Zhenoboy has been doing music for some time now. Apart from the covers, the singer had also released original music including “African Beauty”, “BMW”, and more.


6. He is a June baby

Bayanni’s birthday is on the 25th of June making him a Cancer sign for my Zodiac people out there.



7. He used to produce music out of his bedroom

Before getting signed, even when he had no money, Bayanni didn’t see it as a hindrance for himself. The boy learnt to make and produce music in his room. He tweeted about it saying: “Years ago, I slept and woke up making music especially using non-typical beats that grew my diversity. My room was my mini-studio as I couldn’t afford studio sessions. I trust the process.” Now look where he’s at.


8. Don Jazzy actually contacted him 3 Years Ago

Even though Bayanni is just now getting activated, he had been eyeballed by Don Jazzy three years ago. According to the singer, Don Jazzy DMed him all the way back in 2019 and that is what started off the journey for him. He tweeted:

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Lonely nights, dark mornings, waiting for the sun to shine on me while posting my freestyles back in 2016. Then I got a DM in 2019 from someone I respect so much. @DONJAZZY thank you for giving this opportunity.


9. The other MAVINS seem to love him

Since his announcement, a number of his fellow labelmates have come out with very sweet words about him.


Ayra Starr said “@itsbayanni !! So proud of you and the whole team !!!! The world awaits you !!”,


Crayon said “Signed sealed delivered Mavin ❤️ your turn @itsbayanni let’s go !!!”,


Magixx said: “Welcome to the family my bro ! Seen you work hard all these times, glad it’s finally time for you to shine! Let’s get it 💪🏽@itsbayanni”

It’s really good to see the other label mates really supporting him.


10. He has a music video out now

If you’re interested in seeing what Bayanni looks like and what he has to offer visually, you can check out his new music video for a song called “Body”.


11. He also has an EP out

If you want to take it one step further to check out his sound, you can also stream his new EP called Bayanni.


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