Reaction as Tiktok finally bans Bhaddie Kelly’s official account (SCREENSHOT)

Reaction as Tiktok finally bans Bhaddie Kelly’s official account. 

Social media users have reacted to the sudden ban of the official tiktok account of star, Bhaddie Kelly.

Kelly rose to prominence earlier this year after videos of her on the social app went viral as she displayed her banging body in exquisite dance moves.

Since then she’s gathered both critics, haters and lovers alike all over the globe.

Many haters have thrown different criticism at the young Togolese born American content creator and many even went as far as reporting her account.

According to recent records, tiktok has finally banned her official account @bhaddie Kelly with over 1M followers and 10M likes.

See screenshot below :

Kelly has fallen to her backup account where she shares her videos and contents.

Account is @pyt.kelly

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