“So Life dey sweet you, and you take another person own”, Reaction As Uduak Akpan Tried To Jakpa from Court After He Was Sentenced To De@Th By Hang!Ng

Uduak Akpan, the convicted k*ller of job seeker Inubong Umoren, has tried to flee from court after being sentenced to death by h*nging.

Justice Bassey Nkanang of the Akwa Ibom State High Court found Uduak guilty of r*ping and k*lling Iniubong Umoren today, August 4.

Inubong Umoren was a philosophy student who was looking for a job while waiting for mobilization for NYSC.

Uduak Akpan had pretended to have a job for her but had k*lled and r*ped her when they met.

After being found guilty for his crimes, he was sentenced to death by h*nging.

Following the verdict, he had tried to flee but was caught by the officers.


Watch the video below:

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