“I Am Sorry If I Crossed My Boundary” – Angel Apologizes To Liquorose

BBN ex-Housemate, Angel Agnes Smith, apologized to Liquorose over her controversial relationship with the latter’s estranged boyfriend, Emmanuel, during their time in the House. Angel tendered an unreserved apology to Liquorose at the Reunion Show on Thursday night. BBN presenter, Ebuka, showed a controversial video clip at the start of the Reunion Show to spark tension in the room. In the video, Angel and Emmanuel were spotted flirting with each other in the kitchen.

Ebuka asked Angel to explain why she decided to flirt with Emmanuel despite the fact that he was in a serious relationship with a fellow Housemate, Liquorose, at the time.

Angel responded, “Actually, I just didn’t see ‘Emma-rose’ ship as something serious. I was only trying to play the game and catch some cruise in the House. Liquorose, I am sorry if I crossed my boundary”. Angel’s apology was received well by Liquorose who wasted no time to give her a smile.

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