He Didn’t Want to Go”: Mother Rocks Uniform and Socks, Dances With Her Little Son as They Head to School

A video of a mother and son both dressed in uniform and dancing together has melted hearts online.

According to the mother who shared the beautiful video via her TikTok page, her son was not eager to go to school.

After much thinking, she decided to make her babyboy willing to go to school using a very hilarious method

In a viral video, she dressed in uniform and rocked socks as she danced and matched together with the little boy who was all smiles.

Watch the video below

TikTok users react to the video

@moabkholo reacted:

“The next day he will be the first to wake upPretty mom❤️.”


@lydiablessed3 said:

“I can’t get enough of this…Naye Juliet….u are one of the best mothers.”


@sekemioba commented:

“me I can’t stress myself this far after I said please now go to school is very important like three times the next one will come with slap.”


@xalatetsutsa added:

“can someone please drain my phone battery…I’m hooked and can’t stop watching.”


@nalongomumlondon2 stated:

“There is a meeting for everyone who watched more than 20times.”


@invisible_empressguda commented:

“The shorts is torn naaaa well done Mummy.”


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