How Atiku Took Me Like A Son When I Had Nowhere To Go — BBNaija Star, Cross

How Atiku Took Me Like A Son When I Had Nowhere To Go — BBNaija Star, Cross

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Cross Okonkwo, has opened up on presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar took care of him like a son when he had nowhere to go.

Cross who refers to Atiku as his father revealed that he has lived with the presidential aspirant and he has taken care of him to a large extent.

“I have known him (Atiku) for many years. Me and his children have lived together and shared the same bed. When I did not have anywhere to go, he took me in. He has also taken care of me to an extent. , he said.


Excerpts from the interview.

You recently called the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, as your father. Why did you describe him in what way?

I have known him (Atiku) for many years. Me and his children have lived together and shared the same bed. When I did not have anywhere to go, he took me in. He has also taken care of me to an extent. That is the true definition of family. I know him very well and I believe he means well for the youth. I also think he is the best presidential candidate.


I was attacked after I made that tweet (about Atiku being my father), and I wondered why.

Some persons have said you called him your father for pecuniary gains. What’s your reaction to that?


If I eventually go into politics, it will be for the benefit of my constituency. However, I don’t want to become a politician because I don’t want people to insult me. I cannot collect money from Atiku, and I have never collected money to campaign for any politician.


What are your latest projects?

I am getting ready for the elections. I was the president of a group called South East Youths for Atiku and Peter Obi (the then vice presidential candidate of the PDP) in the 2019 presidential election. I will also be involved in next year’s elections. I have been encouraging young Nigerians to get their permanent voter’s cards, so that they can vote for the right candidate.


I am also involved in a couple projects to make a living.

You recently said you rejected N20m from someone who wanted you to date fellow ex-BBN housemate, Saskay. Why did you turn down the offer?

If I am given the money now, I will collect it (laughs). When I came out of the BBN house, there was a lot of matchmaking (by people who wanted two ex-housemates to be in relationships). It was done majorly by rich fans who had so much to give. I knew that if I accepted their gifts to be ‘tied’ to Saskay, and the relationship did not work out in the future, it could cause problems for our respective fan bases. That did not make sense to me.


I decided that I would stay on my own, even if the number of my fans reduced. I was not really bothered because I knew what I wanted and I don’t want to jeopardise my future.


Another ex-BBN housemate, Angel, said you did not put enough effort into your relationship with her. What is your reaction to that?


I don’t know why Angel felt that way because I put a lot into our friendship. I could not say a lot of things (on the reunion show) because I am not the kind of person who talks about the things I do for people. Angel knows that part of me. I am a private person.


However, I am truly sorry that she felt that way, but I was there for her. She also put me through a lot but our society believes men should always be strong. She dealt with me (laughs) but that is life. We keep progressing. Everyone has the narrative they prefer to push.

You stated that you were hurt when you discovered that Angel was in a new relationship. Why were you hurt considering that you were not dating her?


We were in a close friendship and we understood each other well. I don’t know how everything switched into a ‘relationship’. I did not know she was talking to someone else and all of a sudden, she was in a relationship. I felt hurt because we were close. I had to respect her decision because I could not be in a relationship with her. At the end of the day, I was happy for her. At least, the person will give her what I was unable to give her. Also, I asked her if the guy is a cool person because I wanted the best for her. I was never angry that she got into a relationship.


You have said that you are scared of going into relationships because of your past experiences. What are these experiences and do you think you will be able to overcome them eventually?


I cannot really talk about this because I was really hurt. I hope I will be able to overcome the hurt someday because whenever I am in a relationship, I put my all into it. When an unforeseen situation happens and the other person gets hurt, I become scared. When I am hurt, it is usually not easy for me to overcome it. Anyone who wants to go into a relationship should be physically, mentally and financially ready for it. Right now, I can look after myself, but I don’t know if I can look after another human being.


What do you desire in a relationship?


I desire love and care. I also want to have fun with my partner.


What are the qualities you want in your ideal woman?


I need a good lady that understands me. Some people think I am weird. But, who I am is sum of all my life experiences.


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