Lady gives sarcastic reply to an ‘Oyibo’ who asked if Africans had Air Conditioners (VIDEO)

Lady gives sarcastic reply to an ‘Oyibo’ who asked if Africans had Air Conditioners.

A lady who is popular on Tiktok for her Sarcastic replies to offensive racist inspired questions has made the news again for the brilliant reply she gave a social media user who asked if Africans had access to Air Conditioners.

She replied;

No we don’t have Air Conditioners in Africa but when ever the weather gets really hot, and we begin to sweat profusely, the community Chief-Priests gathers all the Elephants and gives them a special treat.

When this is done, the Elephants begin to flap their ears and this action produces cool breeze all around the community.

The faster the elephants flap their ears, the cooler the breeze.

This message was brought to you by the Wakandian Elephant care association WECA!

Watch the funny video below;

Another seeminly dumb question she was asked reads;

DO you guys have Technology in Africa?

She replied;

No we don’t actually have Technology in Africa, we really don’t know what that is.

But anytime we have difficulty in physically doing something or our intelligence failes us.

We just summon the spirit of black Panther, and then we are able to do stuff physically fast like super fast

Faster than an average human being.


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