Bride Does Her Own Makeup in Trending Video, Internet Users Impressed(Video)

Bride Does Her Own Makeup in Trending Video, Internet Users Impressed

A beautiful lady has gone viral on social media over her decision to make herself up. In the video, which has been trending on Instagram, the bride is seen touching up her natural glam look. Several internet users who saw the video took to the comment section to praise the bride over her decision.

If you’re looking for a way to cut down on budget for your wedding then you might want to take up beauty classes. A bride certainly saved some money after she decided to do her own wedding makeup. In the video posted by @moshbridal, the beautiful bride, identified as Abigail is seen applying some powder to her already glammed-up look.

The video later shows the bride in her gorgeous tulle mermaid dress, looking like a true bride

Social media users applauded bride’s makeup with skills the_nenrita saying: “My kinda person, I did my makeup by myself cos I did not want someone to do what would make me cry on my face and my make up was”

misskokolombeko: “This will literally be me. Hair and makeup. Lol.”

tweenkle__: “I’m not sure I can allow someone else do my makeup, not even for my wedding.” deedeelutz: “She saved money and looked stunning ”

deborah.hounton: “This might probably be me on my wedding. no matter the professional that do my make up I always have something to add or remove, and it’s not same feeling like when i do mine.”

am.heeda: “If only I can makeup aswell I would gladly make myself up on my day.”

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soo_20fm: “She looks elegant with the simple makeup.”

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