How My Surgery Forces Me to Do S*xy Videos on Instagram – Ashmusy, Comedian

How My Surgery Forces Me to Do S*xy Videos on Instagram – Ashmusy, Comedian

Amarachi Amusi popularly known on Instagram and across social media as Ashmusy is an online skit maker, content creator, and comedienne. She currently boasts over 1.3 million followers on her Instagram page alone and has performed in skits alongside some of Nigeria’s most popular skit makers. T hese days, in addition to comedy skits and videos, Ashmusy has been posting a lot of spicy videos and pictures. From pictures and videos of her lounging in lingerie to her wearing some very form-fitting and revealing clothes, Ashmusy’s page is no longer just strictly comedy, it’s now also quite sexy.

During a new interview with The Punch, the comedian, skit maker, and content creator opened up about her decision to start posting more sexy content on her page, dating, separating social media from reality, and providing for her younger siblings. Ashmusy said a lot. Here’s what she said.

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Speaking about her decision to start posting sexy and sensual content on her page, Ashmusy said:

If I am doing sensual videos on Instagram, it is because I just had surgery, so I need to show off the curves. Am I supposed to go through that pain and not show off the beauty? It is just me doing my job and enjoying myself.

Ashmusy was also in the news recently because she said she was a virgin and somehow that was newsworthy. Speaking about it, Ashmusy said:

My personal life is different from my work life. Social media is literally my work space. I am an influencer, and that is my own way of keeping my audience busy and entertained. If one judges a book by its cover, one would get a lot of things wrong. If anyone judges me by my social media posts, they will get a lot of things wrong. It is possible that I am a virgin, and it is also possible that I was just joking.

Speaking about the qualities she looks out for in a man, and what makes her ideal man, Ashmusy said:

Any man that likes me and feels intimated is definitely not my standard. I like a man who is bold, not a boy; so, I don’t want any coward close to me in the first place. My ideal man is someone who knows what to do without being told. One who is Godly and would love me properly. He must also be good looking and taller than I am.

Speaking about providing for her siblings and being the breadwinner for her family, she said:

In several families, it is not always the parents that are breadwinners; there are some firstborns that are breadwinners. I am only doing my duty as a first child. My mum did the job from the beginning and at some point, I had to take over. There is nothing wrong with that.

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