How My Mum Sent Me Packing For Having Affair With My Stepdad Who’s A Pastor – Pretty Lady Shares

My Mum Sent Me Packing For Having Affair With My Stepdad Who’s A Pastor – Pretty Lady Shares

A South African woman, going by the name Paballo Maseko, has spoken out about how she was made homeless by her mum because of her promiscuity

According to her, she had an affair with her mum’s second husband—who also happens to be a pastor—and when her mother knew about the affair, she expelled her from the house.


Paballo claims that unlike her other children, she has never received the same level of attention or love from her mother.

She stated that because of her mother’s neglect, she was forced to have intimate relationships with her stepdad.


The young woman claimed that everytime her mother left for work, she cleaned the house in front of the pastor while wearing skimpy clothing.

He initially resisted the impulse to cheat at first, but eventually gave in to his desires and began doing it with her.

She claimed that he began buying her gifts, gave her cash for clothes and footwear, purchased a phone for her, and even covered the cost of her school outings.


However, once her step siblings exposed her in church, her mother learned about it through the church


In her words:

“I smashed the pastor who happens to be my stepdad. My step siblings found out and exposed me to the our church Youth League and everyone found out. My mom kicked me out, now I’ve been living with my boyfriend since. Never went to church again.

My mother never loved me. She cared about everyone else except me. She would buy my siblings clothes and not me… not even a box of pads. The b***h hated me omw.

So I took advantage of her and my stepfather’s marital and sxxual problems to get everything I want. My stepfather was just a pastor and my mom worked at Retail. So when she was at work i would clean in short skirts and crop tops. He took a while to give in but he eventually did.

I could feel it was wrong but it was nice being wrong. He gave me money for clothes. Bought me a Samsung. Nails. Paid for school trips and sneakers. I would sometimes give him AM rounds because I was so grateful.

My only mistake was sharing all this my ex friend from church. She told someone and everyone else knew. It was a whole topic. My stepfather almost got removed. Mom was embarrassed. He denied it and accused me of having demons. Then I was banned from the Church for bringing shame. My mom kicked me out. Her last words were “ankere o mosadi o ae ketsang mosadi kamohare ha ntlo ya mosadi o mong. Tsamoyi pona.”



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