“She is special” Netizens Gush Over Video of Little girl with unique birthmark(Video)

“She is special” Netizens Gush Over Video of Little girl with unique birthmark.

In several videos shared by her mother @tasharuth00 on TikTok, the adorable girl flaunted her birthmark and sang a native song.

A couple of videos spotted on the page revealed the little girl’s unique shiny birthmark with white frontal hairs


Netizens gush over pretty girl with a unique birthmark

While some netizens called her a special child, some others just expressed shock over her rare facial appearance.


@jeremiahujerekre1 said:

“Then the parents of the child have any idea that they just gave birth to an angel in form of a human. Av seen a very similar case..very special human.”


@user3857607215165 wrote:

“Beautiful nature of God, please don’t try to change it. this kind is a natural blesser anointed by GOD himself. when you start a busines, let her bls.”


@frankly_jb commented:

“Special child. Saw a father and father with such unique look. may your good purpose in life manifest soonest.”


@tonny_fiifi363 noted:

“OMG. This is a lightning fantasy, I love it soooo much. jeeessssss. Please take good care of this angel. Tell her Tony loves her so much.”


@whatisthisdayle said:

“To her parents, Hi beg you to protect her n please don’t post her pictures. You have been given a gift, plz protected n love she is important.”


See the video below:

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