Hajia Bintu “Scams” Mr. Macaroni Of N15m In Lagos

Hajia Bintu “Scams” Mr. Macaroni Of N15m In Lagos.

Ghanaian socialite, Hajia Bintu, in August posted about her first visit to Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria.

Hajia Bintu

In a series of Twitter posts, she revealed having meetings with popular comedian Mr. Macaroni and boss of Mavin Music, Don Jazzy; during her stay.

Two weeks on, it appears that the purpose of her visit was among other things to shoot a skit with Macaroni.

The comedian released the piece via is social media handles on Monday, September 5. It was titled “Hajia Bintu From Ghana Vs Mr Macaroni” on Facebook and “Daddy Wa relocating to Ghana” on Twitter.

The content shows Macaroni trying to woo Hajia Bintu who met him on the corridor of a hotel where she had gone to meet an associate who had plans to relocate to Ghana.

Typical of Macaroni, he metamorphoses into a Kente-clad ‘Ghanaian’ known as Nana Kwame Nkrumah, as he tried to convince Bintu that he is the man she is looking for.

All that vim evaporated when he heard the monetary implication of the transaction. He goes ahead with payment but realizes very late that it was a scam – Bintu and a friend had duped him.

Watch the video below;

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