Why People Think I’m an Imbecile – Samuel Ajibola

Why People Think I’m an Imbecile – Samuel Ajibola

Nigerian actor Samuel Ajibola is most popularly known for playing the character of Spiff on Africa Magic’s television show, The Johnsons. The character of Spiff was not very intelligent and spoke in an unusual way, so much so that people watching the show assumed that Spiff was an imbecile, and so as an extension, they assumed Sam Ajibola was also an imbecile. But the actor Samuel Ajibola is not an imbecile and is talking now with the New Telegraph about how that character of Spiff affected his life and why people think he’s an imbecile, as well as what he’s doing to combat that thought. Here is what Sam Ajibola said.

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When asked “How will you say your role in the popular TV series ‘The Johnson’ affected your life?”, Sam Ajibola said:

It has affected my life very positively. I will like to tell you that because ‘The country is going through some really difficult times, every time Nigeria has always gone through difficult times, people are always stressed – there is no money, no jobs, people are going through problems. When I meet people on a daily basis they say you are the only reason I watch movies, they say any time they go through the day stressed, they just want to sit down and when they watch me they sit down and relax, laugh and it takes away the stress of a whole day. My TV series is a daily TV series and because people watch it every day for me it takes away the stress that people have. I meet different people and they tell me I love watching you because you are the reason my family is happy, I feel some sort of happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment that on daily basis I make people happy.

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Do people actually think you are really an imbecile?”

Well, that’s why I am making effort to come to the media so that people can know that my character is different from who I am in real life. I am definitely not an imbecile in real life, I am actually a brilliant person because it takes a lot of brilliance to become such a character that will be so stupid and make people laugh. I meet people and I don’t really say things to them and they are already laughing. With my conversation with you, you will see that I am okay and am a very brilliant person.

Not people now actually thinking that Samuel Ajibola himself is an imbecile. It’s bewildering to me that even in 2022, some people don’t distinguish between actor and character. I guess it’s a testament to how good of an actor Sam is.

The boy is actually really well spoken and intelligent if you follow him outside the show.

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