“How I found out my mother was impregnated by my boyfriend” – Lady narrates (Video)

“How I found out my mother was impregnated by my boyfriend” – Lady narrates.

A young woman has narrated how she found out that her boyfriend had an illicit relationship with her mother, which resulted in a pregnancy.

The young lady in a now viral clip said she was away on a vacation in Mexico when her mother broke the news of her pregnancy to her—she said she was excited to know she was getting a younger sibling, but her excitement was dashed when she learned the baby belonged to her boyfriend.

She said she had called home to see how her mother was. But as they talked, she noticed that her mother was audibly distraught and sobbing.

She claimed to have dismissed it as “typical female emotion,” so she decided to call back a few days later.

However, when she called back, her mother opened up that she was pregnant and delivered the shocking bombshell that the baby was her boyfriend’s.


Watch her speak below,

In other news, a young lady has shared her experience with a married man who pretended to be single to be with her.

The young lady narrating her experience in a video that has now gone viral said she met the man at a gym and he took an interest in her.

According to her, after their meeting at the gym, they started talking more often and decided to get closer.

However, she had this gut feeling that the man had something he was hiding, so she decided to take things slow.

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She said that despite her repeated attempts to find out if he was married or involved with another woman, he always denied it—until one day, when he invited her to his friend’s bachelor celebration.

She claimed to have run into a 10-year-old child at the party who had an uncanny resemblance to her lover.

When the man came, the young boy ran towards him and hugged him. At that moment, she and the man locked eyes.

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