“Caught In the Act” Mum Surprised to See Little Daughter Licking Milk Behind the Curtain, Video Goes Viral

A little girl was recently nabbed by her mother, Kemi Maria, licking milk behind a curtain at home.

In the hilarious video making rounds online, the little girl was quietly doing her thing behind the curtain when her mother gently slid the curtain open.

The surprised mother asked her daughter what she was doing behind the curtain and the little girl made a very funny face.

She obviously enjoyed the milk as she was spotted packing it with her whole hands. Sadly, she was unable to continue licking it after seeing her mother.

TikTok users react to hilarious video

@angelmena034 said:

“Correction immediately .”


@mrsdelightgavor0 stated:

“OMG SWEET GIRL ☺️she is praying laaa .”


@innerpeace150 reacted:

“She’s the cutest .”


@ceo_lannyscent commented:

“She no even send you .”


@princessbaby471 asked:

“Can’t someone steal in peace.”


@theo8004 noted:

“Wat are you doing she said mhmmm meaning am enjoying my self.”


@_rissa_xx remarked:

“Milk Wey dey expensive, haaaa you go chop small beating sha.”


@horrible_singa wrote:

“Aww….. see her innocent face leave her to enjoy herself.”


Watch the video below:

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