Everybody dey knack for this house” – Amaka and Phyna gossip after noticing that condom packs have been reducing.

Phyna and Amaka, housemates on Big Brother Naija’s “Level Up” season, were overheard chatting about how condom usage has been declining.

During a talk this afternoon, the two women who became close friends after joining the program mentioned that they had noticed that the number of condom packets in the house had been declining and that Biggie had to restock it.

Phyna, who said the most, questioned which level 2 housemates, who are only 13 years old, are engaging in sexual activity and utilizing condoms.

Phyna asserted that all the housemates were having sex with one another and left herself out of the conversation by claiming that since she wasn’t “paired up” with any of the male housemates, she couldn’t possible have had sex there.

See Video below;

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