Young Lady Working As House Girl Abroad Dances in Her Oga’s house, The Cute Oyinbo Kids joined her

A lady working as a maid in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a TikTok video that featured her boss’ kids.

In the clip, the lady in a gown was dancing for her TikTok followers when the children ran in front of her and started copying the nanny’s moves.


They look cute together

The young nanny jokingly said that the children spoilt the video and would not allow her to dance in peace.

Many people who did not know she was a nanny to the children wondered if the oyinbo kids were hers.


Watch the video below:

At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered hundreds of comments with over 30,000 likes.


SEE Reactions below:

ugochukwu peace asked:

“Are they your kids?”


user3911155188529 said:

“They like camera like anything.”


DeHrt said:

“Immediately i saw them i discover your video was international.”


Janet Jenny868 said:

“Awwwwn see how cute they are wow.”



“Goddddddddd this babies are cute.”


zaram4432 said:

“My dear if u get any nanny work again, pls am interested.”


ada amaka said:

“Are you working inside banana island??? seems like I have seen you before in banana park.”


user8155744043014 said:

“Please can u help me get a job there may be house help.”

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