Shoprite Comes To Standstill After Lady Breaks It Down in Grocery Store, Many Left With Many Questions

A woman showed dedication to the art of dance. This woman showed how any time is the time to dance for some people.

Adiwele by Young Stunna is a definite hit for this one woman. The lady surprised shoppers and those who watched the video with her energetic dance in the middle of the supermarket.

Many were still up in arms over the lady who was dancing at a local Farmer’s market. Now people were amazed by how this woman could dance randomly in the middle of Shoprite. Many were left questioning why many are always dancing everywhere.

@ashlynxisaacs47 commented:


“Imagine going to shoprite to get the specials and you see this aunty spinning on the floor.”

@hillary_wacho commented:


“These creatures really like attention .”

@Periwinkle__N commented:

“Something about Africans they will dance ”

@Kuchicola commented:


“Tbh I get it. Life is hard guys, we deserve to enjoy it whichever way we feel.”

By Son

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