I’ve No Regrets If My Kids Grow Up To See My ‘Trumu’ Photos All Over Social Media – Shugatiti

I’ve No Regrets If My Kids Grow Up To See My ‘Trumu’ Photos All Over Social Media – Shugatiti

Shugatiti, a Ghanaian actress and nudist, has admitted that she is willing to perform completely nudely in return for cash.

Shugatiti said in an exclusive interview with Fire Lady on Asempa FM that she is unconcerned about the criticism she gets on social media because of her line of work.


She is, however, delighted when fans enjoy her risqué videos and photos and leave positive comments on them.


Shugatiti also said that she can strip down to her underwear for a sizable sum of money, adding that she has been profiting much from doing so on social media.

She later dared anyone who can challenge her for going naked to place a $30,000 bet and she will take off all her clothes in the course of a Facebook live to claim the money.


Also, the nudist said that she won’t regret it if her children see her nude images all over the Internet.


“I’ll shoot naked for $30,000 if you’ll pay me. It’s OK with me,” she stated, adding that “I won’t regret it if my kids grow up and see my nudes on the Internet.”


Again, Shugatiti revealed that she is in a relationship with a man whose family is aware of the work she does.


“In the future, I shall find a home. I’m in a relationship and the guy’s family is aware of my involvement in their son’s life.” she said

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The Ghanaian nudist continued by stating that despite the widespread disdain Ghanaians claim for her work, they like watching famous people on television doing the same thing she does.

They do agree with it and just hate the fact that I am the one doing it but they will go to Nicki Minaj’s page to comment on her posts, ‘Oh beautiful, oh nice’ and then to Cardi B’s page to comment the same thing.


“But you being black is a turn-off for them. They will say things like, ‘why would you do that.’ We are humans. I just think they are hypocrites. They like it but they hate to admit that they do,” she expresses.


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