Abroad Lady Cries Out, Shares Video of What Her Son Looks Like Despite Sending Money Home for His Upkeep

A young lady has cried out online after returning from abroad to find her little kid looking uncared for.

Sharing a video of the boy on her TikTok handle @.its_me_honey, the lady wrote that she works very hard abroad.

Working very hard and sending all your money home only to find your child looking like this.”

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

sheilla nash said:

“Don’t worry dia what is important is that he’s happy and alive..Just see the happiness on his face.Start from there and thank God that he’s alive.”


Sunshine said:

“It’s unfair but he has life. Start all over again, give him the care you want him to get. it’s not too late.”


Helena clairs said:

” If feel your pain girl at least yours is healthy mine is just remaining only bones am just waiting for her to write her js3 exam going to take.”


sinachbinyoh said:

“Don’t mind dear if he is alive and healthy thank God my own child is death I left just for 3year now I have to go back and visit my child at the grave.”


pretty beauty said:

“I even cry I life my son’s behind an here in Germany more than 5 years I don’t see my son’s but now thank God I am going to see them but this video.”


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