“I love her”: Nigerian Lady Walks up to Older Woman & Hands Her Lovely Note in Video, Her Reaction Causes Stir.

A female content creator has melted hearts online with her recent video, which involved an older woman. The TikToker boldly approached the older woman, where she was seated alone and handed her a lovely note that reads, ‘YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I HOPE YOU REALISE THAT.”

In the lovely clip, the woman smiled from ear to ear upon seeing the content of the note.

According to the TikToker, the woman didn’t just stop there but looked for her for a hug.

“She searched for me to give me a hug❤️ #notestostrangers,” she captioned the viral clip.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

user2830423673900 said:

“Awwwwn ☺️☺️☺️☺️it’s really good to show love always,no matter how little.well Done Missie.”


Priscilla83 said:

“Just her expression shows her good personality.”


Ovodi_ said:

“I will start going out with my pen and paper .”


martinawakama403 said:

Awwww I smiled like it’s me that got the note followed you for this.”


Shimidon Chimoxy said:

“This is so lovly and it’s a blessing to make someone smile.”


Shuga boss babe said:

“She is a very nice woman, her first reaction ehhh i Love her.”

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