“Younger Boys Are Always the Best”: 20-Year-Old Nigerian Lady Says, Flaunts Her Younger Lover, 18, in Video

While many persons consider it ideal for ladies to be in relationships with older men, a Nigerian lady shares a different sentiment.

The 20-year-old Nigerian lady recently took to TikTok to proudly show off her 18-year-old boyfriend and got many talking.

In the clip she shared, the lady and her younger lover rocked matching outfits as they enjoyed each other’s company at an event.

In another clip, the lady declared younger boys the best always and urged people to ditch the widespread sentiment that older men and younger girls are the ideal relationship combo.

We need to change that perspective of older men with younger girls,” she captioned the clip

Responding to comments on which of them made the first move, the lady revealed that the boy actually did.


Watch the video below:

Netizens reactions

PriestParzival said:

Thank you some people see age as a problem,some people are matured enough to not let it matter.”


okaforchibuezeemm said:

“God when will i get this kind gf , I no mean all dis homeless one ooooo, OMO I love wat am seeing.”


1nqgx said:

“Most of the girl whey I date for my life Dey always senior me but you can’t ever know.”


ag✓BSD said:

“You guys look so adorable , I was once like this with my partner,she was older than me.”


Peacespyce said:

“As long as he is responsible and you respect him…. you’re good to go baby… Enjoy yourself.”

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