“They Should Start Paying to Behold Such Beauty”: Pretty Black Lady With Full Hair Creates Scene Abroad

A Ghanaian lady with very full hair created a scene abroad after showing off her full hair to passersby.

The beautiful lady left her hair unpacked and stormed the streets, and this made oyinbo people so eager to talk to her.

A video shows the moment a crowd of people gathered around her, begging to take photos of her.

One of the oyinbo women pleaded to touch her hair, a request which the young African woman politely declined. She shared the adorable video via her official TktTok account @claudia.darleene


Video of black lady stirs reactions

The video has stirred massive reactions online as people share their thoughts.


@nathpatat said:

“girl what? i can’t imaging seeing someone on the street that you don’t know and randomly wanting a picture with them??? that’s so wild!”


@suenonchalant reacted:

“I have the same type of hair, but would still want to touch yours it’s so big and beautiful U broke that ladies heart when u said NO.”



But why? When you ask them why what do they say?? This is lovely by the way. ”


@jeannelle.d.clarke commented:

“Is it really so weird for them seeing someone from Ghana? or a African woman .”


@markhug2 added:

“You be celebrity, Do wild and join their movie industry or a show or like some reality TV. They love you . imagine them seeing you on their screens.”


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