“She Looks So Young”: Mum of 4 Stuns People as She Poses with Her Kids in Viral Video

“She Looks So Young”: Mum of 4 Stuns People as She Poses with Her Kids in Viral Video

A Nigerian mother, Ademola, who looks very young has caused a frenzy online after sharing a family video on TikTok.

The beautiful mother of four posed with all her children in the video and people kept gushing over her young looks.

While sharing the video via her official TikTok account @hrhabi, the young mum said she carries the birth certificates of her children whenever she’s travelling because people usually find it hard to believe that she is their mother.


In her words

“I literally have to take their birth certificates with me, whenever I take them abroad on holiday. We’ve been stopped before and the authorities of the country we went to on holiday assumed we were all siblings trying to run away.”


TikTok users share their thoughts

@nomi_469 said:

“See, if I don’t look this good after 4 kids, imma have to ask someone some hard questions you have beautiful babies .”


@aasiyoanaa asked

“How does the 20 year old feel about being same hight as the 12 year old .”


@sukqna reacted:

“Mom ?? i thought you were presenting your favorite siblings at first .”


@loveroftequila commented:

“Wooooooooooowwwwww your family is absolutely beautiful.”


@frickpollution stated:

“I have a twin brother (I’m a girl) and he is a lot taller than me too that’s so cute.”


@oyinadehoneycrown noted:

“Second boy give him wat he wants pls or get d camera off his face .”


@akoj_kunxept remarked:

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“Wow, you have twin, God Bless and Keep them, they my Gene generation (Mean Twins).”


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