Little Girl Runs Up to Soldier, Touches His Feet in Adorable Video

Little Girl Runs Up to Soldier, Touches His Feet in Adorable Video

A beautiful video of a little girl paying her respect to some officers has caused a frenzy on social media.

The little girl saw the officers on uniform and quickly ran to meet of them. She touched his feet and placed her palm on her forehead.

The soldiers looked so surprised and they all smiled at her in amazement. She smiled back before saluting all of them

Watch the video below


Reacting to the video, some people have expressed their love for the little girl’s action, while noting that she acted like a true patriotic citizen

Believer PK said:

“Every parent should look after his or her kid for some lessons of patriotism on daily basis… Its really needed to make India a strong and great nation… It can be little scary for other countries for population we have.”


Dr Jess reacted:

Those who did not have access to army personnel may touch feet of their watch man at the gate Jai Sri Ram.”


Dominic Purs noted:

“To show respect your elders has nothing to do with equality. It depicts humbleness and this practice is unique to the indians.”


Jayant Joshi rescted:

“Such a patriotic little human. I have watched this countless times and I can’t get over it.”


Aarhan Rohan noted:

“This is too much. A kid that small shouldn’t be allowed to anyone’s feet. We aren’t living in a martial state either. Soldiers should be respected & given their dues. But can’t be treated as Go


Aevind Dasu commented:

“Same way all should also make their children learn Sanskrit without fail, it is the urgent need to protect our heritage & culture.”




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