Beautiful Lady in a Spaghetti Dress Does Acrobatic Moves While Wearing Heels, Video Sends Many into a Frenzy

A young lady in heels has become an internet sensation after showing off fine acrobatic moves.

The TikToker identified as Ayana Taylor shared the impressive clip on the platform and stirred mixed reactions.

She started off her display by doing a handstand and walking with it for some seconds before turning around and landing on her feet.


Immediately her feet hit the floor, she broke into somersaults and again landed on her feet effortlessly.

Her confident stunt in heels made many wonder how she did it.


Watch the video below:


Netizens gush

Haleinah said:


“The handstand was one thing in heels the back handspring was to things in heels u are talented.”

Sinai said:


“Omg she in heels and she Can do that se deserves a gold medal.”

kawaii_oddie12 said:


“And she did that in heel!Boys do you know how hard it’s to even walk on heel I only walk in heel like 5times It’s really because I like to wear flats.”



“This has made me follow you so beautiful angel no one can expect that flip.”

abelmwagha said:


“Active lady. you will raise your children actively.”

Dale Garnett said:


“I can’t walk to the bathroom without shoes and in pj’s. Outta be a law!! And she’s pretty!!”

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