“God Will Appoint at The Right Time” – Actor Aguba Responds to Ladies Who Wish to Get Married to Him

Nollywood actor, Kenneth Aguba, has finally reacted after some ladies showed their interest in getting married to him

Their appeal to tie the knot with the actor came after OPM pastor, Chibuzor Chinyere, promised to sponsor the wedding of the actor

Aguba, in his response, advised the ladies to keep searching for the ‘best’ man for them because God is yet to appoint a woman for him

Trending Nollywood actor, Kenneth Aguba, has dished out a message to ladies who have been expressing their desire to get married to him.

Aguba, who was once homeless, became the talk of the town after apostle Chibuzor Chinyere gave him a house and promised to sponsor his wedding.

Following this, several ladies have been sharing photos and videos on Facebook announcing their interest in marrying Aguba

One of the ladies shared photos of herself doing house chores while referring to herself as a wife material who’s worthy to take care of the actor.

Reacting to this, Aguba has however advised the ladies to keep on searching for the best partner. According to Aguba, he’s searching for the best woman for him and he trusts God to appoint for him when it’s time.


My word for them is that let them find their own best. I’m looking for my own best. At the right time, God will point the right one for me


People react to Aguba’s message to suitors.

Chioma Okeke said:

“Aguba is now a chairman o.”


Jerry Onasi reacted:

“The man is so smart. He said God will appoint for him. He knows that most of these women are just gold diggers.”



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