“They Should Be in The Classroom”: 2 Girls in Blue Uniform Show Off Accurate Dance Moves, Video Goes Viral

Two creative girls have been spotted in a viral video showing off accurate dance skills that have impressed netizens.

Not only were they dressed in a beautiful blue uniform, but their dance moves were also uniformly ordered, showing that they have been painstakingly practiced.

Showing off skills in a neat environment

The neat and splendid environment in which they danced in the video added colour to the whole skills they displayed

The short clip which lasted for just 14 seconds left netizens asking for more of their sterling performance.

Uniformity on the dance floor

The nice and entertaining video was shared on Instagram by @banyana.ba.mdanso and it has been viewed and liked thousands of times.


What is actually atracting dance lovers to the video is the uniformity with which the girls danced. Their legs and bodies went in the same direction at the same time.


Many reactions in the comment section equally described the girls as fire steppers on the dance floor.

Watch the video below:


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