Little Brilliant Nigerian Girl Generates light using Cup of water, Salt and wire(Video)

Little Brilliant Nigerian Girl Generates light using Cup of water, Salt and wire.

Brilliant Little Girl Generates Electricity Using Wires, Cup of Water, Salt, People Praise Her

A little girl has gone viral on social media after showing off the new skill she learnt.

In a short video, the little girl who was seen sitting in her living room, said she wanted to produce electricity.

The brilliant child sat down and began making some connections in the presence of her mother

She made use of wires, bulb, and some other things which she connected together in the video and it immediately began to shine.

As soon as her mother saw the light, she gave her a thumbs up and the little girl smiled in fulfilment. The video was shared on TikTok by @chychido2


TikTok users applaud little girl

The little girl has been praised online after her video surfaced the internet.


@callmejenny118 said:

“Later now nepa go dry wire for 1month after one small rainshebiii nah person dey make light with water so abiii nah my eyes dey pain me .”


@oluwamezie0 noted:

“school no be scam, na u attend mmukoro community school.. kudos kiddo .”


@emmy_geiger reacted:

“kinda look like a steam turbine but a steam turbine uses water and converts it to steam using the steam as a means to generate electricity. kudos.”


@joex078 commented:

“Make Nigeria nor con go change her profession to lawyer ooo . I remember growing up playing football but now see me na laptop I da press .”

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@specialking4 asked:

“why did she use battery,if the salt and water is the one doing the work? act student asking.”

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