“Thought it was Beyoncé”: Young Lady’s Voice in Viral Video Stirs Mixed Reactions Online

“Thought it was Beyoncé”: Young Lady’s Voice in Viral Video Stirs Mixed Reactions Online

The video of a lady singing with a relatively good voice has stirred massive reactions among TikTok users.

People were divided between groups saying she did good and those who argued that many are only trying to be nice with their comments.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Dressed in a shirt and skirt, the lady sang in a place that has a building with an un-plastered wall.

There were people who stated that she is a reflection of not judging a book by its cover.


Other social media users said that her voice would most probably be appreciated if it was an audio without the visual distraction.


Watch the video below:



At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered 1 million views with thousands of comments.


Below are some of the reactions:

Princess joro said:

“Listen to this without watching…..it sound more sweeter that way.”



“UNA TOO DEY LIE FOR THIS APP, which wan be Awwwn sweet voice.”


oluwaseun583 said:

“Definition of don’t judge book by it’s cover, you are doing well.”


boseadekunle985 said:

“use your voice for God go to church and join the choir.”


Ba Røñ said:

“Make una nor dey lie for this comment section abeg.”


Mide Oso said:

“I had to look twice.,. Thought It was Beyoncé at first.”


Nana abena Baisie said:

“listening without watching… beautiful.”


The Big Fish said:

“I had to close me eyes to listen. But you get confidence though. Try singing with the beat, it will be better off.”


Crystal Onome Odiete said:

“Omo see Ayrra Starr’s sister.”


Olanigbehin Temitope said:




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