What’s He Thinking about? Reactions Trail Video of Nigerian Kid with ‘Worried’ Face & Hand on His Chin

A Nigerian lady has stirred hilarious reactions after she shared a video of a kid with worry written on his face and in an unusual position.

While sharing the clip on TikTok, the lady described the boy as her nephew, stating that his, ”head don full.”

In the clip, the kid who sported a singlet on pants rested on an adult’s hand with his left hand on his chin.


His face looked like an adult who is drowning in a pool of family responsibilities.

Responding to hilarious comments that greeted the clip, the lady who shared it said that her nephew was actually tired and that it happened during a road trip. She said:


“Exactly!! This was during a road trip and the road was rough . He was tired.”


Watch the video below:

Netizens react


“After eating everything and still want more but mummy said we will soon get home I will cook.”


Gloria said:

“Thinking of how to scatter the house immediately he reach house.”


Lare May said:

“The way I dey look this boy, e go dey scatter house, so I guess he’s strategizing.”


Isaac Newton said:

“Bro is thinking about his future, the girls, fast cars, Luxurious lifestyle, everything.”


BOSS D said:

“He don chop bby food tire , he don dey reason wen una go bring better eba nd egwusi soup make he chop .”

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