Pretty Lady in Short Skirt Plays Football While Wearing Heels, Hot Video Goes Viral and Stirs Mixed Reactions

A video of a pretty lady playing football while wearing a skirt and high heels has stirred reactions.

Netizens have rushed to the lady’s TikTok handle to take a look at the hot video which has gone viral.

It just seems that the lady is a trained footballer with practised legs because all her displays were very neat and good to see.

Her ability to balance the ball and play it stylishly despite wearing a skirt and heels has been described as magical.

She displayed her skills in an open space with interlock ties and a water canal behind her.


Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

@WillTassie said:

“The way I would no longer have knees.”


@Shrootz said:

“She really did that in heels.”


@Amy said:

“Anything a man can do, a woman can do in heels.”


@sikukuflorida said:

“I can’t even walk in heels.”


@user3101582946947 said:

“Just thank you that was beautiful, a perpetrator of the beautiful game.”


@nate_gd said:

“Your very skilled. I mean…in heels nah.”


@kith said:

“In heels ..forget it I dont know soccer.”


@YusrieIsmail said:

“I can do this with my eyes close.”



“You are really good.”


@Tasie’KayG said:

“They say woman can do it all .. and they can do it all in heels.”


The young lady stirred online admiration with her impressive skills in the round leather game.

Her performance later went viral with some asking why her skills are lying fallow.


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