Beautiful Young Mum Dances With Her 2 Grown Daughters in Video, People Say They Look Like Sisters

A video going viral on social media has captured a beautiful black mother dancing with her two grown up girls.

In the video which has gotten so many views on TikTok app, the mother was seen dancing excitedly with her girls.

The trio danced to a viral song on TikTok “come and see my mother”. In the video, the daughters danced and pointed at their mother but people found it hard to believe.

After the video surfaced on TikTok, it caused a debate as people couldn’t believe how the beautiful woman looks so young with two grown up children.

TikTok users react to the video

Camille Robert said:

“She looks so young. How was she able to maintain her beauty and body size with two big girl? God this is how I want to be.”


Jessy Ikpe reacted:

“Omo they look so beautiful. Wow. This is great to see. I guess the mom is the one behind”


Ire Orali commented:

“Maybe they have cool money cause it takes money to look so good like this with kids. Btw is the mom the dark one?”


Onaiss Blaze commented:

“This is a wake up call yo women. Take care of yourself after childbirth so you can glow all the way. Nobody should attack me please.”


Simon Chidera added:

“Abeg who is the mother here cause I don confuse.”


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