Black Is Beautiful: 3 Ladies Cause Stir Online As They Show Off Dance Moves With Class in Video

The video of three ladies jumping on a TikTok challenge as they showed off their beautiful faces has stirred massive reactions on social media.

A lady with a cute teeth brace held up the camera for the others as they vibed to a rehashed version of Nardo Wick’s Who Want Smoke song


Their energy level is high

After the sound went off, the ladies made a shooting sign and danced. The last lady standing in line extended her dance moves.

The one in the middle has a charming smile on. Many TikTok users said that the ladies’ energy is unmatched.


Watch the video below:

At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 100,000 likes with hundreds of comments. compiled some of the reactions below:


Jaedalize Rodrigu996 said:

“I can tell when she did that face you were telling her to get off your phone she got off right away.”


Dimarion Cooper763 said:

“It’s day time for you bri.”


it’s ur fav joceyyy said:

“Yall r so pretty.”


Skylee Kindness said:

“Yk I had a pick up line ready to go but your so pretty it just left my mind.”


February said:

“oh my baby on the last dance move killing it.”

JR said:


“The camera skills tho.”


Oimperial002 said:

“The girl in the middle so fine.”




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