BBN Ifu Ennada Writes Open Letter To Debt Defaulters; States Only Condition She’ll Lend People Money

Ifu Ennada is not finding the behavior of some of her friends funny at all.

After the sour experience, she seems to have had with debtors, reality TV star, Iheme Faith Uloma alias Ifu Ennada has resolved to only lend money to people on one condition.

Ifu Ennada lamented the behavior of those who frequently borrowed from her as they barely keep their word to pay back at the appointed time, making her look bad when she asks them.

According to the former Big Brother Naija housemate, people are highly cautious when it comes to begging and borrowing, but they’re the exact opposite when it comes to paying back. She wrote:

“To Whom It Concerns

Henceforth I will no longer be lending anyone money. People are very reliable when it comes to begging and borrowing, but they’re the direct opposite when it comes to paying back.
Multiple deadlines pass and suddenly, you become the villain for asking for your money back.

If I ever change my mind and decide to lend again, Borrower must write a 500k word essay, giving me good reasons why I should part with my money.

Essay will be published on social media, so that when you default, World People will join me in dragging you.

“Givers do not give because they have a lot, no, they give because they’re naturally benevolent.

If someone gives you money in this Nigerian economy, the least you can do is pay back promptly.”

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