Young lady catches her mother in bed with her baby daddy at her apartment (Video)

Young lady catches her mother in bed with her baby daddy at her apartment.

A video circulating online captures the moment a young lady caught her own mother in bed with her boyfriend and father of her child.

In the viral video, the young woman walked into her bedroom to find her boyfriend in bed with her mother and is seen confronting them with rage in her voice.

“Okay, this is the sh!t Y’all be doing right?” she is heard saying at the beginning of the video.

Young lady catches

She added that she has been calling her boyfriend for hours but he didn’t take her calls because he was having a rendezvous with her mother.

However, her boyfriend didn’t say a word or try to defend himself and just laid in bed staring at her while her mother fired back at her for filming the incident.

“I’ve been calling you all day. This is what you do. My mom, is you serious? I know you lying and you just sitting here quiet. I will put this video on Facebook,” the heartbroken lady said.

In response, her mother accused her of not respecting or treating her boyfriend right, adding that they should keep the matter between them.

However, the lady who wasn’t having it at all, sent her baby daddy out of her apartment and asked him to leave the phone and clothes she bought for him with her money.

Watch the video below,

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