“My Belief In Myself Is Extraordinary” – Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke

“My Belief In Myself Is Extraordinary” – Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke.

Jim Iyke is one of the best actors in Nigeria. His contributions to the movie industry is there for everyone to see.

Although he has been around for a long time, the popular Nollywood actor is still active. In a recent post shared on his Instagram page, Jim Iyke stated clearly that his belief in himself is “extraordinary”.

He wrote;

“My secret place is diversification. My private entrpreneurial battles and even more conservative victories has long defined my perspective of what is considered a Win or Loss. I simply chalk my journey on the philosophy of hard learnt lessons and humble posterity and advancement. To counter one’s move is to know one’s movement.

It works like a MOJO. Atleast for me.
My dad once said I’ve learnt the philosophy of advancement under the radar with subtle mastery but he also advised to embrace some hard won victories with a certain charm and elegance.
I try to, lol.

Loud celebrations has fast taken the fashion of an “acquired taste” .
SASA MINING LTD, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA has been a year long project. From meetings in Dubai, dar es Salaam, Dohoma, Abuja, to finally the day my team prevailed and I became full partner and board member.

My will and singular pursuits on paths that will define not only my legacy but the footprint and heritage I aspire to leave to my children and beyond has driven elements of my destiny.

I know my keen acumen. I believe it’s formidable. Im also keenly aware of my limitations. God has always been in control. My belief in myself is extraordinary. My faith in God is absolute.

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There’s no force living or dead that can change God’s plan once he wills it. I am and will always be a willing vessel. A living, breathing grateful testament Amen.

Meeting with the CEO of TANZANIA film board and heads of associations to strategize on Badcomments 2 Tanzania arm shoot.

A great day Indeed.
Goodnight guys.”

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