Why I Left Old Record Label and Started Working for Myself – Simi

Why I Left Old Record Label and Started Working for Myself – Simi

Nigerian singer Simi has enjoyed a wonderful career in music and it all really kicked off with her single, Tiff, released under X3M music. Under X3M, Simi enjoyed a lot of creative freedom and commercial success recording and releasing some of her biggest songs including Jamb Question, Love Don’t Care, Smile for Me, Aimasiko, Lovin’, AYO, and more. Then, in 2020, Simi left X3M and created her own record label called Studio Brat under which she released Duduke and every other song she’s released since.

Now, in a new interview with Culture Custodian, Simi opens up about why exactly she left X3M, as well as why she went into mixing her own songs. Here’s what Simi said.


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Speaking about why she decided to start mixing her own songs, Simi said:

Somebody said to me the other day “Simi you mix too?”. It’s a jamb question. I’ve been mixing all my songs. I am a perfectionist. One of the reasons why I actually learned how to mix was because I know exactly what I want to hear especially on my songs and I know how I want it to go. I also know that it can be a bit tedious when I’m telling someone what to do and because they’re not seeing the same vision as I am, they can be like, it’s okay, is it not still nice like this. I am the kind of person that can record the same line 100 times, to get it exactly how I want it, because I know I’m the only one that can probably accommodate all that. I feel like it was important for me to learn how to engineer myself and mix my songs. I went to production school last year. I’m not as crazy about production. I’ve not produced many of my songs. I feel like definitely, people might have taken me more seriously if I was taking all these things more into account if I was a guy and more boastful.

Speaking about why she left X3M and started her own record label, Simi said:

Well, being signed under a record label as someone else is different from being entirely responsible for yourself and your career. I thought that like I needed that challenge. I needed to be able to take more risks that wasn’t dependent on someone else. I felt like I was at that point where I wanted more because X3m was an incredible level. One of the things I enjoyed the most was my creative freedom, which was important to me and it was really amazing but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to do more and take more risks, and I knew that that was going to be dependent on me so I started my own company Studio Brat and it has really been amazing so far


Speaking on if she will sign new artistes to her label, Simi said:

I don’t know. Maybe as we go on. I’m a very intentional person and I don’t like to do things because people expect it of me and I think some people underestimate how much of a responsibility it is to sign someone. If I sign you, I’m responsible for your career and your growth. Whatever it is you are going to be as a musician is on me and I feel like for me to take on that responsibility, I have to mean it and be able to have time to dedicate to that person’s career and I don’t feel like I am there yet.


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