Actress Joyce Kalu Causes A Stir As She Shares New Photos Of Herself Without Make-up(Photos)

Actress Joyce Kalu Causes A Stir As She Shares New Photos Of Herself Without Make-up

. Not all women are bold enough to come out and show off their natural face, especially on social media, because of the fear of trolls who are always waiting to criticise everything they see. For Joyce Kalu to have come out to show off her natural face shows that she is confident in her natural beauty. Even though she covered her face a little bit, that is just an indication that she was preparing to sleep off already.

She deserves some credit for showing courage and belief to have shown her natural face where she was seen without make-up on her face. She did not apply any make-up on this occasion, and her braided hairstyle makes her look simple and natural as well. She shared a picture of herself where she was laying on her bed preparing to sleep as she covered herself in a white duvet.

Her short caption did enough to indicate that she was about to sleep. She said, “Good night, lovelies.” She used this caption to say good night to her fans that are still awake, as she intended to show them how beautiful she looks in her natural face.

Reactions Below 

Her aim to show off her make-up-free face has gone down well with her fans as some of them hailed her for maintaining her beauty even without applying any make-up to her face.

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